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  • Overview

    Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ("XPH") is a pharmaceutical company foucs on Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") development and modernization as well a utilizing cutting edge biotechnology to treat cancer in the modern age. 

    Founded in 1997, XPH has been listed as a public company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 300147) since 2010, and currently has a Market Value of More than 9.7 Billion RMB.

  • Industry Layout

    XPH is dedicated to the health industry, specializing in the fields of modernized Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Chinese patent medicine, functional health care products, biomedical engineering, and T-Cell immunotherapy-based life science research. XPH integrates operation, R&D, and manufacturing, having a self-owned brand and independent innovation capacity, XPH owns most intellectual property and patents of its products. 

    XPH established more than 60 subsidiaries in: Guangdong Province, Beijing, Shanxi Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing, Anhui Province, Yunnan Province and the Ningxia Province; where XPH invested and constructed Mega-scale GMP manufacturing facilities and GAP grade Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herb plantation bases all over, forming an integrated internal supply chain consisting of TCM resource development (growing TCM plants in plantations), R&D of new pharmaceuticals based on TCM, advanced TCM manufacturing plants and the development of modern logistical distribution techniques.

  • TCM Leader

    As a leader in the TCM Pharmaceuticals field, XPH's long-term development strategies centers on modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and drugs through digitalization and GMP grade R&D;  Dedicating capital, research, and industrial resources to develop cutting-edge biological technology to build the enterprise’s core competitiveness and promote its sustainable development. After years of development, XPH's many accomplishments and key technologies breakthroughs in the TCM field including: 

  • The first Chinese patent medicine company in China to use fingerprinting quality control technology; 
  • The first company to complete over 10,000 sets of post-market safety reasearch for Chinese patent medicine products; 
  • The first company to complete double-blind, placeblo controled registered clinical studies of a Chinese patent medicine drug for the treatment of Influenza; 
  • The first non-state funded TCM company to establish an overseas research center (Xiangxue Cambridge International Research Center of Chinese Medicine); 
  • Registration and Approval by the British Drug Administration MHRA for our TCM product: Fragrant Snowboard Blue Root Granules.
  • TCM Resources Leader

    XPH's industry leading Comprehensive TCM Resources Platform covers more than 400 TCM hearbal categories, achieving normalization, sacle, specialization, mordernization, and standardization all in one. 

    In 2016, "Xiangxue Intelligent Chinese Medicine Preparation Center" was put into operation, this is the first prescription TCM preperation platform to  intergrate IOT, Internet and AI technology with TCM in China; acting as the prefect solution to the highly individualized nature of TCM medications.

  • XPH 2.0

    XPH was founded with the mission of "Hou Sheng (厚生), Zhen Shan (臻善), Wei Xin (维新), which means cherishing life, pursuing excellence, and leading innovation. This has lead XPH to persue continuous innovation and excellence in TCM modernization, Globalization of TCM, Intergation of modern degital technology with TCM, Percision Medication, health social services, and brand development. 

    Determine to forge XPH 2.0, a model to deliver high quality health products and services, XPH is dediated to the mission of helping people everywhere live healthier and happier lives. 

  • 1958
    Predecessor of XPH- Luogan Pharmaceuticals was founded
  • 1997
    Reorganized and Restructured as Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ("XPH")
  • 2002
    Implemented Brand Stratagy: Sponsorship of the Guangzhou Football Team
  • 2003
    XPH donates 10 Million RMB to aid students rid of SARS
  • 2005
    Ranked in Forbes "China Potential 100" list
  • 2008
    Established new headquaters in Guangzhou Science Park
  • 2009
    Formulator of China Pharmacopoeia Standard
  • 2010
    Exclusive Sponsor of Medicines for Guangzhou Asian Games
  • 2010
    Unique Sponsor of medicine for Guangzhou Asian Games
  • 2010
    IPO on Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • 2013
    Completed comprehensive Inudstrial Supply Chain
  • 2014
    Chairman Wang listed by Forbes in "China's 50 Best CEO"
  • 2016
    Implements Corporate Management Model
  • 2017
    Established " XPH Wisdom TCM Global Sharing“ Strategic Plan
  • Core Value of XPH
    Core Value
    of XPH
    Cherish Life  Pursue Excellence  Lead Innovation
    Cherish Life Pursue Excellence Lead Innovation
    Love of Life, Respect in Creation, Care for Health, Aim at Absolute Perfection.
    Business Philosophy
    Business Philosophy
    Pursue of excellence, Continuous Innovation; To promote development of the health care system through quality drugs and services.
    Helping people everywhere live healthier and happier lives. 
    To be an Industry Leader through exceptional Quatlity, Technology, Research, Development, Brand, and Scale.

    We Seek Talent!

    Our existing team is made up of industry leaders with a diverse background and a commitment to excel, and is the key component to our success. XPH strives as an equal opportunity employer where we respect on another, and are proud to offer competitive compensation packages to employees.  

    We endeavor to provide a hiring and working experience in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued. Uniqueness is an asset! We encourage you to fill our our "application form" and apply to staff recruitment:

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